Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crazy Driver iPhone Game

Crazy Driver is an addictive racing game where you control 3 cars at the same time!
Become an expert driver by jumping over the obstacles. Are you up for the challenge?

You will control THREE cars at the same time. Tap on your screen and the car in that row will move to that location.

Slide your finger upwards and ALL the cars will jump at the SAME TIME. You need to position your cars properly to avoid the obstacles.

Tap on the screen when your cars are in the air to do a super long jump. This is for expert drivers only!

You get points for jumping over obstacles.
You get DOUBLE POINTS when 2 cars jump over obstacles in the same jump.
You get TRIPLE POINTS when all 3 cars jump over obstacles in the same jump.

* Regular and practice game modes
* Global high scores list
* Fun graphics and sound effects
* Control 3 racing cars at the same time
* Great game for people of all ages

Highly recommended for fans of jumping games such as: Super Mario Bros.

Here's a screenshot of the Crazy Driver iPhone game:

Check out Crazy Driver on iTunes!

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  1. Oh!Great news received from this blog that is Crazy Driver game for my iPhone.This game provide lots of entertainment and adventure with racing so thanks for giving this information.