Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mass Attack iPhone Game

Mass Attack is a simple game that's easy to pick up and play but deceptively hard to master. Try to balance the scale by dropping different sized balls.

Press and hold the "Drop Ball" button to increase the size of each ball. Small balls will make the scale move a small distance. Bigger balls will cause the scale to move down a lot. Simple, right? As you move to higher levels, you get less balls to drop.

Are you up for the challenge in this addictive iPhone game?

Mass Attack features fun sounds and beautiful graphics. Your high score is saved locally, so you can keep improving your skills.

Here are some screenshots from this addictive iPhone game:

Let me know what you think of this addictive iPhone game.

Check out Mass Attack on iTunes.

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  1. Hi Daniel!

    I was greatly impressed with Mass Attack! It's a complete sensory joy to play!

    I compose and produce music for animation, games, websites, audiobooks, and iPhone applications. I've provided a link to some of my music:

    Are you ever looking for music or sound design?

    I work remotely from my home studio or on location. I am also affiliated and have access to recording studios in a variety of locations.

    Nice job on all your game development so far! I would love to be involved with future games and updates of current games.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

    p.s. The popular iPhone application, StickWars, includes my composition for in-game music!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the info. I'll let you know if I need any music/sounds for my next games.


  3. Hi Daniel,

    I really like the idea behind this game! It is both casual (accessible to a lot of people) and addictive at the same time. However, I think you should have a limited number of retries for each game session (like 3 lifes). That way you can have real high scores and bring competition to the game. :)


  4. Good idea! Maybe I'll add different levels of difficulty. In "hard" mode, maybe you only get 3 retries.


  5. Can you send a promo code?

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