Monday, July 6, 2009

Interview Brain Puzzles iPhone App

Are you interested in working at high-tech companies like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook? Then you need to prepare yourself for their technical job interview.

Interview Brain Puzzles gives you answers to 50 hard technical interview questions.

If you like brain teasers and logic puzzles then you will enjoy Interview Brain Puzzles.

* Why are manhole covers round?
* Find the counterfeit coin
* Find the truth tellers
* Monty Python

* 50 hard brain teasers
* Answers are provided for every question

Interview Brain Puzzles will give you the answers to 50 hard technical job interview questions. It even has answers to those TRICKY questions that interviewers like to ask.

Want help with those tricky behavioral questions?

Then go download INTERVIEW PRO.

It gives you answers to 50 common behavioral questions.

* Why should I hire you?
* What is your biggest weakness?
* Why did you leave your last job?
* What salary are you looking for?

How prepared are you for your next job interview?

Here are some screenshots of this addictive iPhone app:

Check out Interview Brain Puzzles on iTunes!

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